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Hello everyone!!!

My name is Salvatore MANCUSO, in art "HARCUWELLDJ", and I was born in a town near Palermo, Termini Imerese, on 22 december of 1973. Since I was a child I love dance music of that period, the music that make the story. In 1987 I started my first radio experience in several local radio stations, proposing to my listeners my favorite musical genre and for this reason I started to buy several records. In 1992 I made my first leap in quality, linked with an additional local radio, a little more advanced, where I learned to use the "Technics 1200" turntables, with which I started to mix the music in a correct way. I made different experiences in discopub and discoteques like "Soemin Center" until 1997. Unfortunately I had must dedicated myself exclusively to my actually work (construction worker). But my passion never ends, in fact after a break of about 10 years, in 2007 I finally bought my first PC, starting from there to experiment with digital, learning to use an excellent software " Virtual DJ ". I did so a very important path because from there I made my first DJ sets called Dmix with the musical genre EDM, starting from vol. 1 to the current vol. 38. I tried in every way to make known my talent through those DJ sets on FACEBOOK but only few people appreciated. But now my rebirth is arrived, thanks to an important person that asked me if I could make DJ sets of music Techno, and a lot of friends (VW). So I also known some important DJ Producers, among them Peter Mills who invited me to his Podcast, called "TSI", which was aired on a well known German web radio "Cuebase-FM" and Taigo Onez which gave me the chance to perform on a famous web radio, "FNOOB TECHNO RADIO". And now I'm the resident dj of the UK Underground radio-FM "Techno Connection", piloted by Miss Rachel Chancellor.

But the story continue... MY PASSION NEVER ENDS!!!

If you want to ask me something or just give me your opinion follow me on social networks or fill out the dedicated form.